Only pole and line practices…

Individually caught. One by one. That’s the way we harvest our wild caught tuna, taking care to protect other innocent creatures that get caught up in long-lines, seines and other wasteful, inhumane commercial fishing techniques. Every FinerFin catch can also be traced to its precise coastal origin, which helps us ensure 100% compliance with our brand’s ecological standards.

…and still a feeding frenzy!

Using this centuries-old harvesting method helps us nourish fans with the cleanest, tastiest fish around. Since they’re caught right at the ocean’s surface, our young tuna are rich in Omega-3s and are substantially lower in mercury, delivering a fast, healthy, satisfying meal every time.

By purchasing our products and taking our pole and line pledge, you help protect countless endangered species and support the work of local fisherman all over the globe. It’s the least we can do for such mouthwatering indulgence!

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Cage-free, wild caught tuna

Thanks to FinerFin’s pole and line promise, you always know your ready-to-eat meal is 100% pure, fresh and fully sustainable

Lead a greener, healthier lifestyle

Happiness truly does come in waves. When you eat well, you feel fabulous. So bring a box everywhere life takes you

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Just one taste of gourmet goodness, and you are hooked. Treat yourself often and indulge with a clean conscience

Sustainable Practices

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